We got the doula movement started.

Welcome to Boston Doula Circle!  Our founding members helped launch the national and local doula movements over 20 years ago.  We're here to support your family during pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and lactation. 

As Maternal and Child Health professionals, we’ve collectively served thousands of new parents of widely diverse ethnicities, national origins, religions and belief systems, family structures, sexual and gender identities, and ages.  We're excited to get to know you!

Meet Our Doulas

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We wrote the book on doulas.

Boston Doula Circle's director, Ananda Lowe, is co-author of The Doula Guide to Birth, the most comprehensive book about doulas and preparing for childbirth in the 21st century.  Available directly from Penguin Random House, or ask for it at any bookstore or library!

Our Approach

Boston Doula Circle is a pioneer of the "Doula Team Model" for birth doulas.

What does working in a team model mean?

The older model for birth doulas is working alone, in solo practice. An emerging alternative is the team model, where a small group of birth doulas work together with the same clients and share an on-call schedule.

Are there advantages to a group that uses a team model?

Collective wisdom -- The doulas in our group possess a much broader skill set together than we could alone.  We share this collective wisdom with each other and with you!

No need for backup -- In solo practice, doulas need to find back-up -- sometimes at the last minute -- in cases of emergency, illness or conflicting births. In a group model, this isn't necessary. You will always have a doula you know, who knows you!

Always an energized doula -- It's perfectly normal for birth to last 24 to 48 hours or more.  Eventually you may get tired, and so may your doula! In a team model, you would instead get a well-rested doula bringing a new burst of energy to your birthing space.

Who are we?

The doulas in our group include:

  • Mothers 

  • A yoga instructor

  • A massage therapist

  • A public school teacher

  • A nurse

  • An author

  • Certified Lactation Counselors

  • A practitioner of ecstatic birth

Do you have other questions about our group, or what a team model is and whether it may be right for you?  Contact us to learn more!


What We Offer


Join us on August 15 for a FREE discussion of the New York Times bestselling book, "The Opposite of Spoiled: Raising Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About Money," with author Ron Lieber in attendance on Zoom!

The Opposite of Spoiled is all about how, when, and why to talk to kids about money, whether they are 3 years old or teenagers, in families with a range of incomes.

The foundation of the book is a detailed blueprint for the best ways to handle the basics: the tooth fairy, allowance, chores, charity, saving, birthdays, holidays, cell phones, checking accounts, clothing, cars, part-time jobs, and college tuition.

The Opposite of Spoiled is for all parents who know that honest conversations with their curious children can make them better with money than we are, but who don’t know how and when to start.

You may read the book in advance, but it is not required in order to join us for this conversation. All are welcome to attend!


Latest News

Watch an interview with BDC doula Ananda Lowe on WGBH!

Our team is fully vaccinated and we have continually updated our health and safety protocols throughout COVID-19.  

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