My Story

Dena Carmosino


Everyone is dedicated to something. I am dedicated to creating a safe space for every woman, so she has the freedom to be her own unique, fully expressed self, as she steps into being a mother.



Meet Our Doulas


Celeste LeMieux


The birth of your baby is cause for celebration. What would it be like if labor and birth could be pleasurable?


Ananda Lowe


After 25 years as a doula, my passion is helping you find your voice during one of life’s most powerful experiences — childbirth


Lauren Backman Locke


I want to share with you and provide you with any information you need to feel confident and powerful in your choices throughout your entire birth journey.

Kerri Babish


I love making connections with birthing families of all types and structures, because everyone deserves a birth that makes them feel respected, supported and heard!

Our Approach


Boston Doula Circle is a pioneer of the "Doula Team Model".


What does working in a team model mean?

The current standard for doulas is working alone, in what we call solo practice. An emerging alternative is the team model, where a small group of doulas work together with the same clients and share an on-call schedule.


Are there advantages to a group that uses a team model?

Collective wisdom - The doulas in our group have a wide range of experience and expertise. We share this collective wisdom with each other and with you!

No need for back-up - In solo practice, doulas need to find back-up -- sometimes at the last minute -- in cases of emergency, illness or conflicting births. In a group model, this isn't necessary. You will always have a doula you know, who knows you!

Always an energized doula - Imagine your birth is one of what one colleague refers to as "the leisurely variety." Eventually you may get tired, and so may your doula! In a team model, you would instead get a well-rested doula bringing a new burst of energy to your birthing space.


Who are we?

The doulas in our group include:

  • Mothers (among us, we’ve birthed seven children)

  • A yoga instructor

  • A massage therapist

  • A midwife

  • A teacher

  • An author

  • Two Certified Lactation Counselors

  • Spinning Babies practitioners

  • A Hypnobirthing instructor and practitioners

  • A Lamaze instructor

  • A placenta encapsulation specialist

  • A practitioner of ecstatic birth


(And, yes, that’s all in six women!)


Do you have other questions about our group, or what a team model is and whether it may be right for you? Feel free to contact me or comment below!


What We Offer




"Dena was an absolute pleasure and blessing to work with.  This was our 5th child and me as the husband and coach still have no idea of how I can really help my poor wife when she's in such pain.  Dena helped my wife and I through the process.  She communicated well with the nurses and doctors and gave us the confidence we needed to have a beautiful delivery. This is the first time my wife delivered without an epideral and I believe it was in large part to Dena's help.  Thank you Dena!  I can highly recommend her. "


Mentoring Doulas

Are you considering becoming a doula and want to "try it out?
Do you know you want to be a doula?
Are you a doula and want to take your doula practice to the next level?

Boston Doula Circle LLC Mentoring program is here for you. You are not alone!



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