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Whether you've given birth, want to give birth, or never will give birth - birth is a powerful metaphor for how we create, gestate and realize any huge desires

Sheila Komara Hay

Dena Carmosino, founder of Boston Doula Circle LLC has been working with and caring for expectant families as a birth doula, postpartum doula and a chilbirth educator since 1988. She is certified through DONA (Doulas Of North America).  She received much of her early training through B.A.C.E (Boston Association of Childbirth Education) She is a certified HypnoBirthing® instructor and has been offering group and private classes since 2000. Dena is also a midwife. She has completed Stepping Stones to Midwifery and a 2 year midwifery program at Hands of Light. Dena has completed a 2 year midwifery apprenticeship and an internship At Labor of Love Birth Center in Kingston Jamaica as a well as an internship at Casa de Nacimiento in El Paso Texas.

Dena's vast experience, education and keen intuition allows her to be in tune with you and your partner, creating an environment of tranquility, acceptance , team work, inventiveness and deep regard for you, your partner, your baby and the normalcy of birth. You will feel confident in Dena's commitment, ability and desire to gently lead you through the entire process from pregnancy, right through your birth and the first few weeks of parenting. Dena's support using an assortment of honed skills, such as massage, guided meditation, hypnosis and homeopathy will leave you and your partner feeling safe, rooted, deeply relaxed, and taken care of. Dena is your best advocate. She will empower you with evidence based information and teach you what questions to ask so you and your partner can make informed choices concerning your birth and postpartum time with full self-assurance!

Dena's journey into supporting families during the childbearing year began after the birth of her second baby in 1985. Dena's births were exhilarating, satisfying, challenging and transformational all at the same time. Becoming a mother led her down a path of self discovery of questioning her place in the world. As a part of her childbirth education certification, Dena was required to observe 10 births. Dena volunteered at a program for unsupported teens having babies. They would call Dena at all hours asking her to come in and "be with" these young women during their labors and births. Most of these women had no support and without Dena, would become mothers alone. So off she would go meeting these women for the first time when she walked into their labor rooms! After the fourth birth, Dena had a powerful realization, she remembers it clearly. This is what she was supposed to be doing! There were three births that day. The birth of a baby named Raymond 8lbs 2oz, the birth of a mother, and the birth of a doula.

Additionally, Dena is a CLC (Certified Lactation Counselor). She offers a full spectrum of postpartum doula services. Her schooling in the art of breast feeding and her experiences assisting hundreds of mothers successfully breast feed their infants will give you assurance that you can do it too! She will teach you all the tricks new parents and baby need to have a restful nights sleep. You will learn what your baby's cries mean. Dena will embrace you as you discover your own parenting style and learn what works for your family.

Being a mother, doula and midwife has brought many gifts and amazing people into Dena's life. Dena is exceedingly grateful every day for what she has been given and for the opportunity to be in service to so many wonderful families.

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