There is always something you must remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

Christopher Robin (A. A. Milne)

Kerri Babish is a DONA-trained birth doula whose passion for the field began with her own journey to motherhood. During a nearly decade-and-a-half career as a public middle school teacher, Kerri gave birth to two little girls. Her own pregnancies and labors led her on a personal learning journey into topics such as self-advocacy in birth settings, Hypnobirthing, and Spinning Babies. She was empowered by supportive birth teams to make confident choices, and came away from each birth feeling respected and cared for.

As more and more of Kerri’s friends gave birth, she realized that many of their stories did not mirror her own. Many felt they had not been listened to or communicated with properly. That decisions had been made that they did not fully understand. That they were disempowered, or even traumatized, by their birth experiences.

Kerri realized that her positive birth experiences had a lot to do with luck: the right nurse at the right time, the doctor who happened to know midwifery techniques. She decided that an empowering birth should not have to be a matter of luck. Stepping away from her teaching career, Kerri reached out to her Hypnobirthing instructor, Dena Carmosino, for advice on moving forward.


After completing DONA training, Kerri had the privilege of apprenticing with Dena and the other doulas, before joining the team full-time. Though she is the newest of the doulas on the team, she has had experience supporting parents in a wide variety of births, from completely natural to medicated to caesarean birth.

Every labor she has attended has been a powerful and positive reminder to Kerri that birth work is truly where her heart is.
Kerri’s experiences in the classroom and the birthing room have honed a calm and patient demeanor, a passion for making sure her clients feel understood and informed every step of the way, and an ability to think on her feet when plans change midstream. She brings her enthusiasm for birth and a deep sense of gratitude to every family she attends.

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