L A C T A T I O N  


Lactation Consultations

We are able to provide lactation services virtually or in person.


Did You Know?

Breastfeeding and postpartum are biological processes designed to:

  • Be completely pain-free from the start

  • Result in an abundant milk supply that actually includes reserves of “extra” milk

  • Be a time in which a new mother feels rested and not sleep-deprived


Our initial consultation will be 2-3 hours with two follow-up phone calls. We like to spend enough time to observe at least one feeding.


Our initial consultation fee is $200.

We see clients virtually, in their homes, or at our locations in Melrose and Somerville, MA.

For appointment at our soonest availability, please contact us here

Topics we address during consultations include:

  • Latching and Positioning

    • nipple pain

    • difficulty latching

    • weaning from nipple shield

    • how to nurse lying down

    • how to nurse without pillows and Boppy-type products

  • Milk Supply

    • underproduction of milk

    • overproduction of milk

    • change in milk supply upon returning to work or traveling

  • Pumping and Bottle Feeding

    • setting up pumping system

    • bottle refusal

    • producing milk for a premature baby in the NICU

    • milk storage guidelines

    • alternative feeding methods and supplementation

    • returning from exclusive pumping to feeding at the breast

  • Other

    • calming crying and wakeful babies

    • waking sleepy babies to nurse

    • breastfeeding twins

    • family sleep problems

    • tandem nursing

Breastfeeding / Chestfeeding Class

Welcome to the world of lactation!


Join us for this three-hour workshop (to be taken prenatally) where we’ll use visual learning to study what a proper latch actually looks like, use props to practice correct positioning, and discuss the day and nighttime feeding needs of infants.  You’ll gain a realistic understanding of the dramatic life changes involved in feeding a new baby on demand, and plan for the support you will need to make postpartum and breastfeeding a successful and joyful experience. 

Fee for parent and one support person, $150.

Upcoming class(es):

February 6, 2021, Saturday

1 PM - 4 PM (by Zoom)

Pain-free Breastfeeding, 

Plentiful Milk Supply ©

Join this unique, highly-personalized program offered by the lactation experts at Boston Doula Circle!

In our more than 25 years of experience, we’ve observed time and again that breastfeeding often cannot be fully taught in the short hospital stay following childbirth.  This can lead to weeks or months of unnecessary stress and anxiety for new parents.


The majority of challenges that new parents encounter with lactation are entirely preventable.  How?  With knowledgeable and compassionate, daily support, starting in the hospital and then tailored to the specific setting where you will actually be nursing -- your own home.

What’s Included

Our program starts you off prenatally with fun, highly-informative opportunities to learn and actually practice the techniques that result in painless nursing and a problem-free milk supply.  You’ll also receive personalized, detailed guidance on postpartum planning so you have the social support, nutrition, and baby supplies you really need (and some you surprisingly don’t) to be ready for successful breastfeeding.


Package includes:


  • Attendance at our 3-hour breastfeeding class.

  • Two full-length daytime lactation consultations of 2 hours (usually one prenatally, one postpartum).

  • Immediately after birth, follow-up conversations every day by phone or another medium. These occur until breastfeeding management reaches a positive outcome (typically within two weeks, totaling 5-10 hours of contact).

  • One 8-hour overnight shift of postpartum doula care/nighttime lactation support in your home.

  • Expertise regarding typical lactation issues as well as specialty topics such as twins; babies cared for in the ICU; and new parents with physical or emotional health conditions. 

  • The best literature and videos with clear visuals demonstrating easy latching, for your reference any time of day.


If you learn about Pain-free & Plentiful after your birth and you weren’t able to join us prenatally, you’ll still receive all the elements of intensive support that we provide postpartum!


Our Mission

Our services are grounded in a research-based understanding of lactation as a well-engineered, intelligent bodily function. Pain-free & Plentiful is appropriate for families birthing in the hospital, at home, or in a free-standing birth center.  We bring our decades of experience working in all of these settings to you.


With a baby’s normal need to be fed 10-15 times per day, challenges that develop can quickly become overwhelming.  Our mission is to prevent painful latching and insufficient milk supply before they ever happen, or to correct them right away if they’ve already begun.


We want your breastfeeding experience to be easy, completely pain-free, restful, and a source of self-confidence as a new parent.  We’ve seen this happen over and over when the right support is available.  We want to share this powerful, magical experience with you and your family!

Package price

Introductory special, $1450 (an $1800 value)

Program Directors


Ananda Lowe

Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) since 2001; Doula since 1995; advanced lactation training with Healthy Children’s Center for Breastfeeding; college coursework in Maternal/Child Health, biology and psychology; co-author of The Doula Guide to Birth: Secrets Every Pregnant Woman Should Know (Bantam Books); former Breastfeeding Counselor on Boston Medical Center postpartum ward and NICU; long-term breastfeeding mother.


Dena Carmosino

Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) since 2018; Birth and Postpartum Doula since 1987; practiced as a Direct-Entry Midwife from 2000-2012; certified HypnoBirthig Instructor (CHB) since 1997; Placenta Encapsulation Specialist since 2013; Founder and Director of Boston Doula Circle.