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Doula Mentoring Program

Whether you've just completed your birth doula training or have attended several births, what would it be like for you to have 24/7 support from a team of seasoned doulas/midwives? What would it be like for you to have a community of other doulas to debrief with or share ideas or gain new skills? How about a built-in reliable system of backup doulas? How would that be for you and your clients? What would it be like for you to be able to talk to or text your mentor during your client's labor anytime day or night? Lastly, what if through our program, you could be first in line to interview with the families looking for a low cost doula or doula in training. What would it be like for you to have support in completing your certification? (see testimonials below)

You do not have to be alone!!!


Our mission at Boston Doula Circle LLC is to doula the doulas. So whether you have been to 100 births, 20 births or no births, you will find support and continuing education, so that you can grow to your full potential as a birth professional. We know from our own experiences and from other doulas, the toughest part of being a birth doula is getting started, finding clients and finding a mentor. You will create a community of support that will last beyond your six months in the mentoring program.


Our Doula Mentoring program is here for you.

You are not alone!

Who is this program for?

  • Anyone who is considering becoming a doula and wants to "try it out."

  • Anyone who knows they want to be a doula

  • Anyone who already is a doula and wants to take their doula practice to the next level.


How do I become a part of the mentoring program?

  • Completion of one approved doula training workshop (DONA, CAPPA, ToLabor , Pro Doula et al)

  • Completion of a breastfeeding course (as per your certification)

  • Please request an application. Read and sign the participant agreement. Please email the completed application.

Responsibilities of Program Participants

  • To participate in all aspects of the Boston Doula Circle LLC Mentoring Program.

  • To secure and attend three births within six months.

  • Maintain confidentiality within the mentoring program and with all clients.

  • To provide backup to other mentees in this program.

  • To be willing to learn and be coachable.

  • While in the program, follow through with all commitments made to families referred to you by Boston Doula Circle LLC:

    • Interviews

    • Prenatal visits

    • 24/7 phone/text communication within two hours of receipt of communication

    • Labor and birth

    • Postpartum visit

  • To work closely with your mentor and maintain communication with your mentor by attending two coaching calls per month.

  • To give Boston Doula Circle LLC brochures to each client referred by us.

  • To give Boston Doula Circle LLC evaluations to each client and get them back to us.


Commitment from Your Mentors

We are here to support you to achieve your goals in this program. We are committed to your growth and development as a doula. And, finally, we want you to see the difference you make with your clients, your community and with us. We will be with you every step of the way.

Bang for your Buck

  • "In the moment" phone and text support during three labor/births. A qualified mentor is available to you via phone and/or text, 24/7 during three labors/births.

  • Goal setting. Your mentor will work with you and guide you as you set goals, so that you feel supported as you create your doula practice. You will have two 30-minute coaching calls per month with your mentor.

  • Along with acquiring your own births, you will have access to our low cost/volunteer doula program for your three births over the course of your six month program.

  • Peer support. You will have a ready made support group of other doulas in the program. Sharing and debriefing after each birth; you will adequately process your experiences with feedback. This will make your next birth even better.

  • Solid backup doula structure.

  • Support with completing your doula certification.

  • The confidence and skills to step out on your own.

  • Optional observation of a childbirth education series. Many doula certification programs require you to observe a childbirth education series. As a part of Boston Doula Cicle LLC mentoring program, you will be able to observe a class series.

  • Once you have completed this program, we will refer you to families as is appropriate.

Shadowing Your Mentor

Participating in a birth with your mentor is one of the best ways get your feet wet. Hands on learning under the supervision of your mentor, provides you the new doula a safe way to have this invaluable experience. Your mentor is extremely knowledgable in all areas related to expectant and birthing families and she has years of experience to share with you. While shadowing your mentor cannot be promised, we will do our very best to make this a reality for you. Virtually every mentee that has gone through our program has had at least one shadowing opportunity. Many have had more than one.




Please call (978) 835-6357 or contact us below


Timeline for Completion

You have six months to complete the program. We will assist you in securing your three births through training, coaching and our low cost and volunteer doula program, however, in the end, it's your responsibility to secure your births. Once you have completed this program, you may use Boston Doula Circle LLC as a reference.

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