The circle of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we are weak and sing with us when we are strong.


A long time designer and Corporate Sales professional, Monica began her journey as a birth-worker through what she would call an "Awakening". She started her first pregnancy, as many women do, deferring to her OB to take care of all the birth planning and logistics. A lover of information and research, she devoured books about pregnancy and birth where she first read about doulas. She immediately summoned Google and connected with local doula legend Lorenza Holt who challenged her to begin to consider taking ownership of her birth experience (even get excited about birth!) and convinced her and her husband to enroll in her comprehensive BACE-NMC childbirth education class at her home in Newton. It was warm and intimate, illuminating and inspiring! Questions that had never ever occurred to be asked were now begging to be explored and for the first time she felt truly empowered and confident that her body was not only capable but perfectly created to birth her baby. She found her way to a more supportive and holistic midwifery practice who honored the birth she desired. This birth opened her eyes to the power of knowledge, embracing intuition and pursuing personal truth and preferences.  Lorenza often says Birth creates a ripple that has the potential to radiate endlessly. For Monica this was completely true. Birth shined a bright light on all the areas of her life she had previously set on auto pilot and she felt awakened to live more authentically and purposefully. She is passionate that every woman receive the chance to feel as wonderfully supported in their journey as she was.


Monica has spent the past 5 years slowly transitioning out of her role as a sales director first completing the Childbirth Educator training with The Boston Association of Childbirth Educators. Later she found and studied Gail Tully's work with Spinning Babies further fueling her fascination with the intelligent "design" of the female body and how we optimize its alignment. She continues to attend as many conferences and workshops as possible to always be expanding her proverbial tool kit. She is now the current Board President of working to further the access to equitable/empowered birth for all families in the greater Boston area. 


The mother of two small girls of her own, Monica has attended several births in solo practice while balancing her full time career and family. She is so excited to finally be pursuing birth-work wholeheartedly with the Boston Doula Circle team.