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N E W B O R N  B A S I C S  


Baby's Here! Now What?

This class will support you in feeling prepared and ready to bring your baby home.

A baby is about to join your family! It’s an exciting time for everyone. However, a newborn baby can feel small and fragile. Come learn about how to care for your new addition with Dena Carmosino.

During these classes, you will have the opportunity to practice various techniques, test out products, ask questions, watch videos and discuss important topics.

Below, you will find the topics that will be covered.

  • Normal Newborn Appearance and Behavior
    What to expect in the first few days after birth

  • Breastfeeding Basics
    Myths and facts

  • The first 4 weeks
    Practicing breastfeeding holds
    Pumping/ storing
    Trouble shooting common issues
    Tongue tie- how to recognize it, how it can impact breastfeeding and how to correct it
    Setting up a nursing area at home

  • Bottle Feeding

  • When and why, dos and do-nots

  • What is paced feeding
    Which bottles?

  • Caring for Your Newborn

  • Diapering 101
    Belly button care
    Swaddling techniques, what's safe and what's not Soothing ideas Bathing Burping techniques
    Understanding what your baby's cries mean Tummy time and developmental play

  • Sleep and How to Get More of it!
    Understanding Newborn sleep, setting realistic expectations Sleep routines and schedules Practical ways to get more sleep Gentle sleep training methods, when and when not to use

  • Essential Oils and Your Newborn
    What are essential oils?
    How can they help my Newborn?
    How do I use them with my newborn?
    Make your own lotion with an essential oil of your choice

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