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Study Group — The Doula Guide to Birth

Join senior-level doulas Ananda Lowe and Dena Carmosino for this exciting continuing education opportunity!  Readings will be assigned from Ananda’s classic book, The Doula Guide to Birth (Bantam Books), and discussions will draw upon the instructors’ fifty years of combined wisdom and experience as a doula and midwife.  All birth professionals, doulas, and aspiring doulas are welcome, across the US and internationally!  Sessions will be held by telephone conference call on a biweekly basis in 2018 and beyond, and will include instructor presentations as well as questions, answers, and live discussion with students. 

Please read the assigned pages of The Doula Guide to Birth by Ananda Lowe before your study group session (pages are listed with each workshop description below).


CEUs currently available for members of DONA, HypnoBirthing, and toLabor.

Upcoming Study Groups

Special introductory rate:

$15 per session (US funds).

After you pay/register we will contact you to confirm your workshop choices.

January 18th​

Sexual Activity as a Labor Comfort Measure

(read pages 43-44 of TDGTB and the article "Can Women Orgasm in Labor?")

Orgasm is a proven pain reliever that many expectant parents haven't heard about using in labor.  How might doulas help convey sex education to clients, and offer support for the potential use of these activities during birth?  What resources are available to learn more about female orgasm for those who would like to?  What are the many ways that physical intimacy can be utilized to bring on labor, or make it more enjoyable?

Friday (January 18th)
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Eastern Time

Via Telephone Conference

February 1st​

Rupture of Membranes Before Labor, With or Without GBS

(read pages 141-146 of TDGTB)

Do expectant parents in your community know what to expect from their health care providers if the amniotic sac releases before labor begins?  We will discuss the wide range of time limits different providers set for labor in these circumstances, ways to help reduce the risk of Group B Strep (GBS) and other infections, and options parents can negotiate for managing ROM at home or in the hospital.

Friday (February 1st)
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Eastern Time

Via Telephone Conference

March 1st

Valuing Women’s Work:  Setting Doula Fees

(read pages 97-101 of TDGTB, and the document “Supporting New Parents and Supporting Women’s Work” by Ananda Lowe.)

Compared to other professionals providing services that require a similar time commitment and knowledge level as doulas, we tend to set our fees much lower.  Some factors that come into play are sexism and the undervaluing of “women’s work.”  We may lack the practical knowledge about how to calculate a fee that reflects the hours involved in providing our services.  Let’s unpack this cultural baggage, and help empower each other to gain the business skills we need.  Doulas of all genders welcome!

Friday (February 1st)
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Eastern Time

Via Telephone Conference

February 15th​

Creating a “Culture of Consent” in Maternity Care

(read the article “A Doula’s Call for a ‘Culture of Consent’ During Childbirth” by Ananda Lowe.)

In the national news, a spotlight is being shined on issues of consent in people’s sexual relationships.  Informed consent in healthcare, particularly women’s health and maternity care, is an equally urgent issue.  What is the definition of a “culture of consent,” and what are some ways to help create one in maternity care?  Discuss what can be learned from the movement to prevent sexual assault, and how doulas can apply similar principles as we advocate for birthing people.

Friday (February 15th)
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Eastern Time

Via Telephone Conference

March 15th​

Vaginal Exams and Dilation Checks:  Necessary in Labor or Not?

(read pages 125-141, 147-149 of TDGTB)

Discuss current trends in the use of vaginal exams in labor, including known risks and benefits, checking for cervical scar tissue from previous GYN procedures, the possibility of declining any routine exams, and twelve alternatives to using a vaginal exam to gauge labor progress.

Friday (March 15th)
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Eastern Time

Via Telephone Conference

Pay and register $15


CEUs available for members of BACE-NMC, DONA, HypnoBirthing, or toLabor.

You can ask for the book at any local library or bookstore, OR, you may purchase it here for $12.95 including postage (a $17 value) in the 48 contiguous United States.

Pay $12.95 to buy

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