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The Benefits of Virtual Doula Support

Right now, we are living through an unprecedented time of change and anxiety. Few people are
feeling this more strongly than those preparing for the birth of their child. One source of anxiety
for birthing people is the new protocol limiting support people at most hospitals and birth
centers. But doula support is still available to you and just as vital as ever. In many ways,
doula support is even more important now than ever before.

Whether you were planning to have a doula for your birth and thought it was no longer an option
or you have never considered a birth doula before, here are some reasons that virtual doula
support can be valuable for you:

  • We keep you up-to-date on changing hospital protocols and make sure you are always aware of your rights as a patient and as a consumer.

  • We provide on-going support before, during and after your birth through unlimited phone calls, texts and emails. In addition, you will have a dedicated, private (password protected) Zoom meeting room for face-to-face communication with your doulas.

  • Pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period are always emotional times, and never more so than now. You may find yourself, quite naturally, grieving changes to your vision of the perinatal period or feeling added worry about being in the hospital at this time. We provide a safe outlet to share and process these thoughts, feelings and emotions whenever they emerge.

  • We help you to craft and refine your birth preferences, taking into account both current circumstances and your own desires for your birth.

  • We guide and encourage you and your partner to advocate for your needs before, during and after your birth.

  • We educate and provide resources to make sure you and your partner feel prepared to birth without physical doula support, but we also understand that there is so much to remember and think about during labor. That is why we are always by your side through phone, text, and video presence as your “birth encyclopedia” so you never have to worry about forgetting something important. We will be there to remind you of your options and your rights, suggest positional changes, and guide partners in providing physical comfort measures.

  • We bring you a sense of certainty in a time of uncertainty. Because our team has a shared call schedule, you can be sure that support will be available when you need it. At any time of day or night, at home or in the hospital, your doulas will be there for you.

Many people imagine virtual doula support as a brand new invention but, in reality, doulas have
always delivered a level of virtual support. In Boston Doula Circle, we have always offered
unlimited phone, text and email support to our clients prenatally and for the first several weeks
postpartum, along with phone support in early labor before clients are ready for us to join them
in their homes. Now, we are able to add video call technology to our support toolbox.
Thesey tools allow us to provide continuous support to our clients, regardless of changes to our
birthing landscape.

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